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Monkey Links

Here's to all the other Monkey Island™ enthusiasts out there! From those responsible for it's production; those who erect and livingly maintain homepages on the web devoted to the great series, to those who merely surf the web and think monkeys are neat. To all of you I say 'Don't let the ghost torches die out! Keep the magic alive! The more people who are buying and playing Monkey Island™ games, the more Monkey Island™ games LucasArts Will put out... We could keep this going a long time!'

As you browse the web, be sure to stop in at other Monkey Island™ ports of call... These smattered few websites keep the torches burning; the light shining. Their numbers are growing everyday, spreading word of the phenominon that is Monkey to all the corners of the earth. A few of the more elaborate ones are listed below.

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